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Fantastic Four #046 © January 1966 Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four #046 © January 1966 Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics © January 1966, Fantastic Four #46.  The story is "THOSE WHO WOULD DESTROY US".  The FF battle the Inhumans. Triton is captured by the Seeker and the Inhumans teleport away. The FF are captured by the Seeker as they attempt to free Triton.

Appearing: Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards]; the Thing [Ben Grimm]; Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Invisible Girl [Sue Storm Richards]]; Inhumans [Black Bolt; Medusa; Karnak; Gorgon; Crystal; Lockjaw]; Seeker; Dragon Man

Works by;  Script Stan Lee     Pencils Jack Kirby     Inks Joe Sinnott

This book appears (VG 44), w/ the expected nics, tics, wear and tear.  This book was "miss-folded", there are a couple of small tears on the interior pages lower right.  Thanks for looking.     5747-1903-44

Extra Info

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue #: 46
Volume #: 1
Print Run Dates: 1961-1996
Issue Date: January 1966
Key Issue: