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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #039 © Aug 1966 Marvel Comi

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #039 © Aug 1966 Marvel Comi

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Marvel Comics © August 1966, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #39.  The story is "HOW GREEN WAS MY GOBLIN".  Peter heads to the doctor with the sniffles and  learns that Aunt May's health is very fragile. Spidey is roped into tangling  with a bunch of goons who zap him with a mysterious gas. Not realizing that the  gas has weakened his spider sense, he changes into Peter Parker under the  watchful gaze of the Green Goblin. The Goblin confronts Spidey outside of his  home and captures him as Peter is worried that Aunt May might be overcome by the  commotion. Trussed up in the Goblin's lair, Peter is shocked when the Goblin  takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Norman Osborn.

Appearing: Spider-Man  [Peter Parker]; Aunt May Parker; Anna Watson; Flash Thompson; Gwen Stacy; Harry  Osborn; Ned Leeds; J. Jonah Jameson; Green Goblin [Norman Osborn] (identity  revealed, villain); Professor Stromm (cameo flashback)

Works by: Script Stan Lee         Pencils John Romita        Inks Mike Esposito  [as Mickey Demeo]; John Romita (touch-ups)

This book appears (g 23), with the expected nics, tics,  wear and tear.  There is a stain in the upper left corner.  Thanks for looking.     5844-1903-23 

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