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Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity Gravity Feed © 2018

Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity Gravity Feed © 2018

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Earth`s mightiest heroes and most nefarious villains clash in the greatest battles from the Marvel Universe in Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity! With more than 30 figures boasting brand-new versions of classic Avengers, along with characters never before seen in Dice Masters, Avengers Infinity is perfect for veteran players and beginners, alike! Plus, the Thunderbolts are bringing Justice, like Lightning, back to Dice Masters! Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity is introduced in Draft Packs containing 12 Character or Action Cards, 24 Dice (two to match each character or action card), two Basic Action Cards, and a Rules Insert, as well as Gravity Feeds containing 90 randomly-filled foil packs containing two cards and matching dice.

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Year: 2018